Steven provided me with an expert appraisal of several pieces of family jewellery.  I was impressed with his vast knowledge and the little time is took for him to complete the appraisal process. Steven, thank you very, very much for your fine and efficient jewellery appraisal!  I would personally recommend Steven to anybody. 

Lincoln Alexander


from above: “Dear Steven, Thanks very much for the appraisals.  All the best to you & yours.  Regards, Linc.”


from left: “To Steve, a very good friend, Lincoln Alexander”


Customer reviews

Steven took the mystery and ‘intimidation factor’ out of the jewellery appraisal experience for me. His ability to immediately put me at ease, his expert knowledge and his honesty (he appraised everything right in front of me) have given me what I need to make the decision to sell, keep, and/or insure the estate pieces left by my parents. Before you run out to your local jewellery store with whatever you have in your jewellery box, make an appointment to see Steve. He's fast, clear, and highly professional. You won't regret the level of service, his friendly, upfront nature or the education you'll receive. Walking into the Jewellery Judge® was the best decision I've made in a long time!
Lena Montecalvo, Artist and Vocalist - Hamilton, Ontario
My husband and I met with Steven for appraisals of several pieces of jewellery. He was engaging, knowledgeable, and truly entertaining and we highly recommend him. What a fantastic experience! He was honest and got straight to the point. Thanks again, Steven!

Deborah Rendall, Lawyer – Hamilton, Ontario

Ever have a great day because of someone you've just met? I had my mom's ring appraised and practically camped overnight because I was so comfortable with him. The appraisal only took about 15 minutes! The laughs, stories, and jabs took another hour and a half - I didn't want to leave! Steven has amazing charisma, and makes you feel like you've been old friends who haven't seen each other in years. This little Hamilton shop had steady traffic the whole time I was there. It's hard to find a good, trustworthy personal jeweller anymore, and it was worth the drive to Hamilton. His rate was great, and I even bought myself a piece from Richard, Steven's talented jewellery maker, while I was there.
Cari Lynn, Real Estate Agent - Oakville, Ontario