About the Jewellery Judge®

Located at the “Jewellery Corner” on Locke Street South, The Jewellery Judge® has a long history of servicing Hamilton’s jewellery appraisal needs!

“From the moment our clients enter our offices, they are treated with honesty and professionalism.” – the Jewellery Judge® 

Our “While You Watch” appraisal technique offers clients an opportunity to learn and participate in the appraisal procedure from beginning to end, providing the assurance of knowing that their jewellery never leaves their sight.  Our appraisals provide customers with the immediate delivery of true value appraisals to be used when insuring valuable items.

As credentialed appraisers, our documentation is complete and accurate, adhering to the highest standards of quality and ethics provided by our appraisal associations.  Our industry affiliations provide the networking necessary to continuously research the market, assuring accurate values in our appraisals.

Jewellery Judge

About Steven A. Knight

Steven A. Knight,

registered master valuer, accredited appraiser

A highly respected member of the jewellery industry who has been actively involved in the jewellery business since 1978 and is currently a full time appraiser of gems and jewellery as well as running The Jewellery Judge®.  Steven has worked in retail, wholesale and manufacturing facets of the jewellery industry.  Steve was the first person in Canada to obtain the Coloured Stone Grading degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).  He has been instrumental in developing the concept of computer-aided jewellery appraisals.  He has brought new ideas and concepts to an industry steeped in tradition.  Steven conceived the original concept for computer assisted appraisals which developed into the Jewellery Judge Appraisal Program®.  In 1998 Steven received his Registered Master Valuer and in 2000 his Accredited Appraiser CJA-CAP.

Professional Associations & Affiliations

Steven maintains associations with: The Gemological Institute of America; The Canadian Jewellers Association and The American Gem Trade Association. Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Insurance Brokers of Hamilton.

Member of Toronto Chapter of the Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association. Past Board member of Better Business Bureau of Southern Ontario.

Past Board member of Canadian Jewellers Association.

Past Board member of Canadian Jewellers Institute’s Accredited Appraiser Program

PolyGon Partner


His Gemological education has earned him the Graduate Gemologist Degree from the Gemological Institute of America. His appraisal education has earned him Registered Master Valuer, Accredited Appraiser CJA-CAP; and in the past Senior Appraiser Status from the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, as well as lecturing for the NAJA on using the GIA coloured stone grading system and use of price guides with it.

Jewellery Judge Appraisals

expert witness

Steven has been retained in numerous instances as an expert witness by many attorneys to appraise jewellery for the purpose of determining the value for inheritance taxes. Steven has also done work for Canada Customs and the RCMP. His appraisals are accepted by all major insurance companies as well as by jewellers and other businesses to determine the proper price to pay or to receive for jewellery. Steven is also in Hamilton Law Association Journal.


Steven maintains a current data file for all his past appraisals. His library includes authoritative appraisal manuals and current price indexes as well as reference books and trade periodicals.

the Jewellery Judge®
Appraisal System

The Jewellery Judge® was created in Canada in 1985 by Steven A. Knight.  Steven’s “While You Watch” concept has been well received and is now in great demand by today’s consumer.  His integrity, keen focus and efficiency have made Steven A. Knight well respected in the jewellery industry.  Mr. Knight is much sought-after as an independent, professional appraiser.
After gaining experience in both the retail and manufacturing of the jewellery business, Steven set to work to improve the jewellery appraisal methods.  Specifically, he sought ways to improve the accuracy and consistency of appraisals and to make it easier for new appraisers to price gemstones accurately and consistently, resulting in the creation of The Jewellery Judge® Appraisal Program and System.
The Jewellery Judge® Appraisal System was conceived and developed by Mr. Steven A. Knight, GG, RMV, CJA-AP. The Jewellery Judge® Appraisal System has been designed to accommodate both jewellers and their customers.  Each appraisal is computer assisted so that its accuracy is ensured.  The Jewellery Judge®’s computer database is supported by more than a million diamond and coloured stone prices.
The Jewellery Judge® Appraisal Program evolved through a considerable development process.  Seven years were spent turning the concept into a workable system ready to be tested.  Another three years were spent accumulating market research data.  During this time, the Program was refined and more consumer products developed.  The Jewellery Judge® Appraisal Program has proven to be highly beneficial to both the appraiser and the consumer. The Jewellery Judge® was first trademarked in Canada in 1985.  It is the accumulation of considerable experience gained by Steven A. Knight in the Retail appraisal business.  This unique jewellery appraisal software design and concept of The Jewellery Judge® are protected by the Supreme court of Canada. Today the Trademark is registered to Steven A. Knight.