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Jewellery Judge Appraisals
Steven Knight, GG, RMV, CJA-CAP
The Jewellery Judge®

The Jewellery Judge is on National Television!

See Steven Knight as CBC Marketplace's expert appraiser for their segment Does The Diamond Match The Deal?
Steve weighs in on a CTV News segment 'Devastated': Ontario woman discovers diamond ring bought in Mexico for $4,000 is a fake worth $50

the Jewellery Judge®
Appraisal Experience

While You Watch

Steven pioneered the now widely popular “While You Watch” jewellery appraisal concept, which provides clients the assurance that their jewellery never leaves their sight.

Personal Client Participation

This appraisal concept offers clients the opportunity to ask questions about their jewellery learn, and participate in the appraisal procedure, from beginning to end!

Comfortable & Convenient

The Jewellery Judge® Appraisal Experience provides clients with the immediate delivery of true value appraisals to be used when insuring treasured items…all in the time it takes to have a coffee!

Trusted as Canada's favourite jewellery appraiser since 1984

His integrity, keen focus and efficiency have made Steven A. Knight well respected in the jewellery industry.  Mr. Knight is much sought-after as an independent, professional appraiser.

Lincoln Alexander Testimonial

"Steven provided me with an expert appraisal of several pieces of family jewellery. I was impressed with his vast knowledge and the little time is took for him to complete the appraisal process. Steven, thank you very, very much for your fine and efficient jewellery appraisal! I would personally recommend Steven to anybody."

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