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Jewellers Vigilance Canada Inc. is a non-profit association established to advance ethical practices in the jewellery industry. JVC works closely with Industry Canada- Fair Business Practices Branch and the Competition Bureau. JVC also has formed a partnership with the RCMP to help prevent fraudulent activity within this industry.

Steven A. Knight is a fully Accredited Appraiser through the Canadian Jewellers Institute. His member listing can be found on the Jewellers Vigilance web site at: http://jewellersvigilance.ca/html/jvc_appraisers.htm

Telephone: 1.800.636.9536

Industry Groups and Associations

Canadian Jewellers Institute - CJI

The Canadian Jewellers Institute (CJI) is the education division of the Canadian Jewellers Association. The CJI offers a wide range of jewellery education programs from entry level to appraisal science. The CJI manages the Accredited Appraisal Program, the recognized governing body of jewellery appraisal work in Canada and is associated with several well-recognized international jewellery educators. It offers courses, information and access to: HRDC, ISA, CIBJO, DPS and Master Valuer, along with other Canadian courses of study.

Telephone: 416.368.7616 ex.223
Toll Free: 1.800.580.0942
Fax: 416.368.1986
Email: cji@canadianjewellers.com
Canadian Gemmological Association

Professional gemmological training, leading towards the FCGmA diploma. Ancillary professional and general interest gemmological courses. Ongoing education of the association membership.

Telephone: 416.785.0962
Fax: 416.785.9043
Canadian Government

Competition Bureau - provides all information to do with the Competition Act. Report misleading advertising, information on Trademarks, Copyrights, Precious Metals Marking Act, Measures Canada.

Telephone: 1.800.348.5358
Web: competition.ic.gc.ca/
Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct

27 Queen Street East, Suite 600
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 2M6

Telephone: 416.363.2968
Toll Free: 866-399-1118
Fax: 416.363.7090
Email: Click Here to Email
Web: canadiandiamondcodeofconduct.com
Canadian Gemmological Association

Duncan Parker, Pres.
1767 Avenue Rd.
North York, Ontario
M5M 3Y8

Telephone: 416.785.0962
Fax: 416.785.9043
Email: info@canadiangemmological.com
Canadian Jewellers Association

Catherine Sproule, Exec. Dir.
27 Queen St E.
Ste. 600.
Toronto, Ontario

Telephone: 416.368.7616
Toll Free: 800.580.0942
Fax: 416.368.1986
Web: www.canadianjewellers.com/
Canadian Institute of Gemmology

PO . Box 69024
Vancouver, B.C.
V5K 4W3

Telephone: 604.530.8569
Fax: 604.688.8469
Email: info@cigem.ca
American Gem Society

8881 W.Sabara Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Telephone: 702.255.6500
Fax: 702.255.7420
Web: www.ags.org/
American Gem Trade Association

181 Worid Trade Center
PO Box 420643
Dallas, Texas

Telephone: 214.742.4367
Fax: 214.742.7334
Cultured Pearl Information Center

Devin Maenow
321 E 53rd St.
New York, N.Y.

Telephone: 212.688.5580
Fax: 212.688.5857
Gemological Institute of America

5345 Armada Dr.
Carlsbad, California

Telephone: 760.603.4112
Toll Free : 800.421.7250
Fax: 760.603.4080
Web: www.gia.edu
Independent Jewelers Organization

2 Railroad PI
Westport, Conn.

Telephone: 203.226.6941
Fax: 203.454.4371
International Colored Gemstone Assoc.

3 East 48th St. 5th Floor
New York, N.Y

Telephone: 212.688.8452
Fax: 212.688.9006
Jewelers' Security Alliance

John Kennedy
6 East 45th Street
New York City, N.Y.

Telephone: 212.687.0328
Toll Free: 800.537.0067
Fax: 212.808.9168
Web: www.jewelerssecurity.org
Jewelers of America

52 Vanderbilt Ave.
19th Floor
New York, N.Y.

Telephone: 646.658.0246
Toll Free: 800.223.0673
Fax: 646.658.0256
Email: contactus@jewelers.org
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About Us   Appraisals   Coloured Stones   Publications   History   Links   Contact Us