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Identification and Quantification of Materials
Metal quality (i.e., 14K gold) is assumed to be consistent throughout a particular item. It will be assessed either by testing or by the quality stamp or by other reasoning as stated in the report. When testing is done, it will be by electronic gold tester or acids.

Unless otherwise stated, weights and measurements are estimated, based upon formulas, standard charts, and the use of measuring instruments as generally practiced and accepted in gemology and the jewelry appraisal profession.

Diamond colour and clarity grading is subjective. Grades on the same diamond (particularly when mounted, and especially in yellow gold) may vary slightly from one professional, trained grader/appraiser to another, depending upon conditions of lighting, time allowed for grading, quality and accuracy of master (comparison) diamonds or non-diamond comparators if used, and colour and hue discrimination abilities of the appraiser. Unless otherwise stated, the appraiser colour graded any diamond(s) described in the appraisal using a GIA graded and registered(#3245) diamond colour comparison set containing diamonds graded F, I, K compared to the subject diamond(s) under a daylight equivalent diamond grading light.

Due to the limitations created by the mounting, diamond colour and clarity grades are provisional, and might be changed by the undersigned if graded out of the mounting at a later date. Because of these limitations, diamonds that are mounted may not be assigned a “flawless” clarity grade, or “D” colour (highest colour grade on the GIA grading scale). If a diamond is accompanied by a laboratory report prepared by a recognized independent grading laboratory such as the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory and can be verified as matching the report, the undersigned may defer to that report.

This appraiser uses a fully equipped gemological laboratory. Depending on the item(s) appraised one or more of the following equipment may be utilized. GIA Mark-V Gemolite Microscope, Fiber Optic Illuminator, GIA Gem Diamond Lite, GIA Duplex II or Rayner Dialdex Refractometer, American Optical or OPL Spectroscope, Presidium A.D. Leveridge Electronic Gemstone Gauge, Austron Digital Diamond Colorimeter and various other gemological instruments of lesser significance GIAGTL: Master Diamond Set #3245

“New” denotes an item that is either brand new or shows minute amount of wear. All gemstones are secure unless otherwise noted.

“Like new” denotes an item is known to not be new however, its condition is such that does not show signs of normal wear.

“Normal wear” denotes an item that may contain scratches or other wear that would occur in the regular use of an item. The item might appear “like new” with light polishing and cleaning. Other characteristics of condition may be described independently of the normal wear designation.

“Extensive wear” denotes an item that contains heavy scratches and/or loose stones. The item could not be easily restored with light polishing or cleaning.

Appraiser's Standards of Performance
This appraisal report has been prepared in accordance with general standards for the evaluation of jewelry prescribed by nationaly recognized appraisal organizations. A statement of qualifications appears on the last page of this appraisal report.

Document Contents
This appraisal report is not complete unless all of the following appears.
a) This two page appraisal information document.
b) The appraisal page(s) for each item.
c) Addendum page for diamonds (only if diamonds appear in the appraised item).
d) Addendum page for coloured gems (only if coloured gems appear in the appraised item).
e) Statement of qualifications.

Certification Statement
The statements contained in this report and upon which the opinions expressed herein are based, are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

I have no direct or indirect personal interest in the item(s) in this report.

My fee for appraisal is in no way contingent upon the values stated herein.

I have no personal or business relationship with the parties involved that would lead a reasonable person to question the objectivity and validity of the appraisal report.

Respectfully Submitted,


Steven A..Knight, GG, RMV, CJI-APP
Registered Master Valuer, Accredited Appraiser


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