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Purpose and Function (Assigned Use)
This appraisal report is prepared for the purpose of estimating the retail replacement value(s) of the item(s) described herein, solely for the assigned use of obtaining or renewing insurance. This report is not intended to be used for resale or any other non-insurance functions. If used for functions other than obtaining insurance it is likely to mislead potential buyers or other third party users.

Basis of Value
Value(s) stated reflect replacement costs for comparable new items currently available or exact duplications when indicated except for antique or period pieces of jewelry or jewelry showing extreme wear as noted in appraisal. The value estimates are based upon current information on the date of the appraisal only. The value(s) are based on current available market information considering design execution, quality and desirability. Some of the considerations that may be used in preparation of my appraisal reports might be (but not limited to) trademarks, copyrights, designer names, type of manufacture, condition, and place of purchase and selling price if known.

Value estimates are derived from the appraiser's knowledge and ongoing market research, which may be supplemented by consulting appropriate specialists, auction catalogues and other dealer sources for similar items. The Guide , an international pricing publication, is also frequently consulted for price verification.

The value estimate(s) is(are) based upon current information on the date of the appraisal, and no representation is made regarding future or past value. In no way does this value indicate a dollar amount that you might realize if sold nor does it necessarily indicate what you might receive from an insurance claim. The value(s) stated in this appraisal report are based upon replacement cost in the appropriate market, and an insurance company's actual cost of replacement may be lower.

Sales Tax
Sales tax or other taxes can vary over time based on laws and geographic location. Individual estimates of value in the appraisal do not include sales tax. It is recommended that you contact your insurance agent or underwriter regarding sales tax to determine if it is covered in the insurance policy.

Role of the Appraiser
This appraisal report is not an offer to buy or sell the appraised items at any price. Unless otherwise stated, I have personally examined the jewelry described herein on the date of the appraisal. I have no past, present or contemplated future interest in the appraised item(s), nor any other personal interest that would bias this report. My employment as appraiser is in no way contingent upon the value reported. Any future required time including consultations, testimony, or other legal services shall be considered additional work with additional fees to be determined at the time of services.

Photographs in this report are for the purpose of design representation and should not be relied upon for accurate colour representation. The diamond descriptions and grading nomenclature used are those developed and promulgated by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The coloured stone descriptions and grading nomenclature used are either the GIA GemSet, the GemDialogue, The Guide , or combinations of these grading systems.

A copy of the complete appraisal report including notes and worksheets will be retained in our files and held in the strictest confidence. It will not be released without the client's written consent unless I am legally compelled to provide access.

Gemstone Enhancements
Most coloured gemstones are subjected to some form of enhancement to improve its appearance. While most are accepted in the trade and stable, some enhancements are not. Any relevant enhancement information will be provided in the actual appraisal or in the addendum, or both.

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